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MOM Stuff

MOM Stuff

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- Apply with heat press only. Not recommend for iron application
- Trim out images if more than one on the sheet. Tear edges.
- Place parchment paper inside of garment to prevent ink going on the back of the shirt.
- Place face down on garment that is minimum 60% Polyester.
- Cover with parchment paper. (No Wax. IMPORTANT so inks won't "ghost" on heat plate.)
- Press 365° for 30 seconds HEAVY pressure.

- Lift each letter/image from backing and lay on garment.
- Cover with parchment paper. (No Wax. IMPORTANT so it doesn't stick to the heat plate.)
- Press 350° for 30 seconds.
- Apply with hand iron or heat press.

DTV TRANSFERS                                                                                                                  Presses on 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester or Cotton/Poly Blends.
Temperature: 310°F/155ºC
Time: 15 Seconds
Pressure: Medium
Peel: Hot

** Use TTD Easy Mask to transfer image from backing to garment. VGCS suggest to apply TTD Easy Mask, burnish VERY WELL, turn over and then peel off backing at a sharp angle. Call 979-204-8949 if you have any issue learning to use this product.

Wait 24 hours after pressing before first wash.
Machine wash cold.
Use mild detergent.
Do not bleach or dry clean.
Dry on low setting. (High heat will fade the design and bubble the transfer)
Wash inside-out for best results.
Do not use liquid fabric softener.

COASTERS / MOUSEPADS                                                                                                Neoprene and fabric. Washable. 

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